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Chapter Grabber for Chapter Titles in MKV

Posted in HTPC by Jarrett on 11/19/2008 1:28:29 AM - CST

I recently updated an old program I wrote back in the .NET 1.0 days. Seeing some of my old code was very interesting as suddenly I became very aware of how much I’ve learned since then.

The updates I made are mainly to take advantage of tagChimp which is an online database of media metadata. They have an XML API where you can get chapter titles for movies and TV shows.

I’ve been making some backups of my movies into my favorite container format Matroska or MKV. I like to be able to skip to my favorite part of the movie using chapters aka “Scene Selection” as commonly seen on DVD and Bluray discs.  My favorite media player, Media Player Classic Home Cinema edition has support for these chapters built in.


ChapterGrabber allows me to open the chapter times extracted from either my DVD IFO file or an existing chapter file. I can then search for the chapter names and apply them to the chapter times.  The result is scene titles for your backup as seen above.

There are more details on the ChapterGrabber page.


Posted by Seth on 1/25/2009 12:50:44 PM - CST
Great Program. I tried programming in .net before its way difficult. I can do peoplesoft though =)

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