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Jarrett's Tech Blog - For February 2010

  1. Android Market Needs Gift Cards


    Update: Amazon has an app store for Android that you can use gift cards with.  Google is still missing out on this opportunity!

    As of today, the only valid  purchasing method on the Android Market is the use of a credit card. Android needs gift cards to expand access to the Android Market.  If there were gift cards, people could gift apps and more people (especially the young) could buy apps.  I am more likely to buy an app with a gift card than my own credit card.  iTunes gift cards are everywhere (literally in almost every store) which increases exposure to Apple's brand.  Google needs this too!

    Expand Access with Gift Cards

    If there were Android gift cards, it would expand access to the market for young people or people that do not have a credit card. Lets face it, kids buy games and there are not many parents that let their kid link their credit card to their phone.  If there were gift cards, parents could buy their kids a gift card or kids could buy a gift card with their own money.

    Also, some people, for whatever reason, may not have a credit card or want to use a credit card on the internet.  These people need an alternative method to buy apps on the market since cash is out of the question.

    Gift Card Culture

    The gift card business has boomed due to what I believe is a gift card culture. I don't know about you, but what do you give to the dad that has everything?  That is easy, get them a gift card to Bass Pro Shops, right? I'll admit, I give gift cards to people because it is easier than trying to pick something out for them. 

    Receiving a gift card is never as personal as getting a physical gift, but sometimes it is preferable.  For example, I love technology.  Technology is easy for me to buy because I understand it.  However, it is too complex for my grandmother to gift an SSD to me. So I love it when I get a Newegg, Best Buy, or Amazon gift cards.  Also, I am more likely to make a larger purchase when using a gift card.

    Free Android Brand Advertising

    iTunes gift cards are everywhere. I've seem them at every major retailer, wholesale clubs, grocery stores, drug stores, and gas stations.  Because they are so easy to find and buy they make a perfect last minute gift.  Good advertising is in-your-face-advertising and Apple has succeeded here.

    Google should introduce gift cards to the Android Market as soon as possible.  Let's expand the market!

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