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Intel SSD Deal and Price Watch

Posted in Computers by JarrettV on 1/30/2010 10:41:00 PM - CST

I'm in the market for an SSD but the prices are still sky high. I'd like to do a fresh install on my desktop machine and install Windows 7.  My current Vista install is running out space due to the WinSxs folder.  A new SSD would be a perfect reason for a reinstall and a nice speed boost.

I've been running an SSD in my laptop for about 5 months and I love it.  The speed and battery life is incredible.

Back in August 2009, I was lucky to snag an Intel X25-M G2 from Newegg for $229.


The price immediately sky rocketed right after my purchase it and it hasn't settled back down since.

I just installed this cool new extension for Chrome called The Camelizer.  It watches the price of products at various web sites and shows a graph.  I'll definitely use this tool to find the right time to buy.


Update: I was watching the OCZ Agility drive with Camelizer and it notified me of a recent price drop.  I was extremely tempted as it also came with a mail-in rebate the lowered the price to $129.  This is a great deal for a 60GB SSD.  However, I just didn't feel the time was right as I haven't found a cheap copy of Win7 yet.  Anyway, within a few hours it sold out!





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