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Jarrett's Tech Blog - For March 2009

  1. AtomSite 0.9 Released, Mix09, MVC Final

    Today is a great day for me.  ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Final was released today at Mix09. I finally released AtomSite 0.9 on CodePlex to coincide with the new framework.  I can finally get some sleep.  However, there is still tons of documentation that needs to be created/updated for this release.

    I can't do this project alone.  If you'd like to help create plug-ins, documentation, or themes, let me know so I can add you to the development team.

    Also, AtomSite has a new website to go along with it's .

    Finally, the keynote for Mix09 was streamed live today and there are some great things coming out of Microsoft.  Silverlight 3.0 looks very promising.  I encourage you to watch the video.

    Posted by Jarrett on March 19 at 12:23 AM

  2. AtomSite 0.9 Nearly Ready

    BlogSvcToAtomSite  I'm excited about the next release of BlogSvc, which going forward will have the of AtomSite.  I have put my architect hat on to design and build a plugin/widget system.  Along the way I've learned how to build an extremely modular web application based on the ideas pioneered by Louis DeJardin of the Spark engine.  We do not (yet) use the Spark view engine.  However, it does support it.

    The plug-in model supports:

    • Installation
      • Drop in bin folder
      • Supports extracting embedded theme/script files to correct folders
    • Register Additional View Engines
    • Registering Routes
      • Supports collection constraints
      • Support for multiple workspaces (areas)
      • Support for secure routes (https)
    • Dynamic Controllers
    • Services
      • Supports cross-service events via singletons
    • Widgets
      • Supports both composite and simple view type widgets
      • Supports three different scopes, Service, Workspace, Collection
      • Widget can register stylesheet dependency link
      • Widget can register javascript dependency link
      • Widget can include in-line script at bottom of page
      • Widget can have nested widgets
      • Widgets can be cached (with proper authorization support)
      • Planned support for script/style compression and consolidation planned
      • Planned support for drag drop widget management planned
    • Themes
      • Revised to use YUI layout grids to support dynamic templates
      • Side bar can be moved to either side
      • Supports multiple fixed-widths and fluid layout
    • Metadata
      • Data could be used to install, register, uninstall
      • Planned support for plug-in admin pages
      • Planned support to submit to a global plug-in registry
    • Merits
      • Supports order in which plug-in is activated
      • Supports overwriting previous plug-in routes


    All of this is nearly ready for the next release.  If testing goes well, you can expect a release this weekend.

    Posted by Jarrett on March 09 at 4:05 PM

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