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ASP.Net MVC Beta Crashing IIS7

Posted in MVC, ASP.NET by Jarrett on 10/16/2008 5:33:00 PM - CST

With the new beta release of the MVC framework, I updated BlogSvc to compile and run with the new dlls that are now in the GAC.  After deleting from the gac and finally copying the dlls to my bin folder I things running smoothly from within Visual Studio.  However, when I deploy to IIS7, I am getting a crash.


I’ve tried cleaning out all the applications in my IIS and also restarted the AppDomains, sites, servers.  I’ve also tried rebooting.  Anyone have any idea’s?  Does the beta run on your IIS7 in Vista?

I’ve asked this question on StackOverflow: Why is Asp.net MVC Beta crashing my IIS7?

Update: I toggled data execution preventions (DEP) and a couple a reboots later and the issue cleared up.


Posted by Sean on 10/24/2008 9:42:29 AM - CST
I noticed in the most recent release (0.7) you have a few references to the old 'Microsoft.Web.Mvc' from the previous release of MVC. That does not seem to exist in the most recent Beta release. You may want to remove those references, from the Web.config and in the BlogSvc.net project.
Great stuff by the way, I've been having a look through various MVC projects trying to get a handle on real world use of the framework, and your project provides a nice 'example' in addition to being a great little blog engine! Best of luck! -Sean
Posted by Jarrett on 11/7/2008 9:47:15 AM - CST
Thanks Sean. Things are still moving towards MVC as I've recently updated the models and moved towards using RenderPartial rather than using controls.

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