Tiny HTPC Movie and Hulu Box Part 1 The Case


updated 9 years ago


I'm planning to build a tiny computer for watching Hulu and HD encoded movies.  The computer needs to be:

  • Shallow enough to easily fit on the fireplace mantel next to the TV
  • Powerful enough to play 1080p video's and HD online videos
  • Pretty enough to make the wife happy
  • HDMI, Bluetooth and internal PSU to minimize cable and power bricks

The Case

The case is from an old Dolby Digital decoder box from before that technology was built-in to receivers.  It is dusty and needs to be cleaned.

Mini HTPC 001Mini HTPC 005Mini HTPC 008


16.6"W x 2.25" H x 8.25" D

The inside has plenty of room for a Mini ITX motherboard and there is probably enough room for a Slim Bluray drive and a Hard drive.  I'll likely custom fabricate the front out of plexi-glass and reuse some of the old buttons.

In the next post, I'll look at the hardware I will fit in this tiny case.  I'm currently looking at either the Intel platform with a Zotac GF9300 motherboard or the AMD platform with the Jetway 780G motherboard.


Here is a picture of it cleaned up:


It would be nice if I could reuse the old face including the LCD screen and the LEDs and knob but I lack the time to explore how to communicate with those electronics.