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MVC is Cool

Posted in ASP.NET, BlogSvc, MVC by Jarrett on 10/6/2008 9:44:00 PM - CST

image I've recently spent many late nights learning (by implementation) ASP.NET MVC and I'm very pleased with the new framework.  The old web forms model of programming was great for quick and dirty web apps but it really took too much control away from those developers who have a deep understanding of web technology. With MVC, it really lets web developers go back to their roots.  For example, you are no longer dealing with “asp” controls but directly with the classic html input controls.


As part of my learning process, I converted BlogService over to Preview 5 release.  The conversion went smoothly.  For me, there was only a small learning curve as I’ve been tracking in MVC for a long time.  It is a quite popular topic right now especially with the announcement of jQuery being included out of the box with .NET.  How great!


Check out the latest release of BlogSvc to see the code: BlogService MVC Release 0.6



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