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BlogSvc - New Blogging Service for .NET 3.5

Posted in ASP.NET, C#, BlogSvc by Jarrett on 7/21/2008 11:15:52 PM - CST

Update: BlogService now has it’s own website, see http://blogsvc.net

I've started a new project on CodePlex called BlogService.  Eventually, it will have it's own website at blogsvc.net.  The point of this project is to provide a robust back-end for a blog site.  It uses the provider model design pattern for abstracting the data layer similar to ASP.NET providers.  I've uploaded a design diagram of the major classes. It also contains a WCF service that will expose multiple endpoints (soap, rest, json).

To kick things off, I created a community preview release that includes the following functionality:

  1. BlogProvider
  2. XmlBlogProvider
  3. Business (Blog, BlogSite, BlogComment, etc.)
  4. Configuration
  5. Unit Tests
  6. WCF Service
  7. Multi-site support

This release provides most of the functionality needed to support a front-end blogging site. It does not include web pages yet.

BlogSvc Release 0.1



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