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Team System Quick Start Links

Posted by Jarrett on 7/17/2008 10:52:55 AM - CST

Here are some great links to jump-start your learning about VSTS.

Visual Studio 2008 Product Comparison - Use this to figure out which version you or your team members will need.

Patterns & Practices: Team Development with TFS Guide - Great guide for understanding best practices around TFS.  This is a must read.

Rob Carbon's Blog : Provides Links to Team System Resources

TFS Times Monthly Newsletter

TFS Build Configurations

TFS Event Subscriptions - Tool to create nice customized email subscriptions to TFS events.

Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server Power Tools - Build notification, process template editor, custom check-in policy pack, and more.

Team System Rocks: Provides Tutorial Videos and Other Info

Open Source Addins on CodePlex - Large amount of community support projects with plugins and customizations for Team System.

Vertigo Software Blog: Visual Studio Team System: tips, tricks, and techniques - A good blog that contains common error messages and tips for customizing or extending the usage of team system.  It also has a good comparison between the different editions of team system (for 2005 version but still relevant for 2008).

When and how does my solution go "offline"? - This blog helps explain how and why a solution will go offline.  I particularly found the the registry setting useful when I could not bind my solution / projects to the server.  Team Explorer thought the server was offline when it really wasn't.



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